About David Askar

David Askar began his career within the finance sector as a loan officer over a decade ago. He swiftly advanced his career as a venture capitalist and held the position of Chief Executive at Impact Capital Equities before joining the DreamTree team in 2010. Along with evaluating strategic partnerships and coordinating a private network of venture capital funding for real estate opportunities, David Askar is a top investment management consultant who has garnered praise from peers in the industry.

David Askar has over a decade of experience within the Chicago area real estate industry, Askar delivers a no-nonsense approach to strategic partnerships, asset analysis, consulting, and general project management. He currently holds the title of Chief Asset Strategist for DreamTree, Inc., where he provides real estate portfolio management services within the firm’s financial asset revenue stream and acquisition department.

Sustainable Revenue Streams

We help clients create sustainable revenue streams. 

Recession Proof Assets

We help dispose of distressed properties & acquire recession proof assets.


We help with acquisitions & dispositions while managing the asset for hassle-free investing.